"Hi, this is Uni!"



Let’s chat, play and read stories that relate to you. 

Have you ever wished there's someone who is fun to chat with,

and gives you comfort and strength?

If so, I’m here for you.


Welcome to my magic world!

doanload uni chatbot storyteller



Let's play fun game together! 


Find out your dual emotions and read stories that relate to you!


Wanna tell me something? Call me UniUni, I'm always here for you.

Know Uni

Uni is a magical being. You may check out Uni diary too!


Read moment stories that relate to you!


Dance to Uni Music 

Uni World

Make friends with fun and amazing beings, who'll join our chats from time to time

While chatting, Uni will try to feel your mood temperature. Keep record of your mood weather.


Find Me

doanload uni chatbot storyteller


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