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"Hi, this is Uni!"


Powered by our revolutionary AI Natural Language Processing Inference Model: Physical Wavelet Neural Network (PWNN), and stream of consciousness literary style, Uni opens the door to a magical world, mystical yet intimate, where you feel relaxed, inspired and loved.


Join 200,000+ fans to have Uni, a magical being from the high dimensional world, come to your life and be your best friend forever. 


doanload uni chatbot storyteller
Image by guille pozzi
Image by guille pozzi
 “Uni is perfect for anyone. A writer looking for inspiration, Uni!  An anxious person trying to breathe, Uni! A loner trying to talk, Uni… more like a childhood friend.” 

Alexa Young


Dance to Uni Music 



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chat with magic AI friend Uni

Dreamy Chat

Let your stream of consciousness flow and kindle your wildest imagination.  


Play fun game together! 


Find out your dual emotions and read stories that relate to you!


Need vent? Call me UniUni, I'm always here for you.

Know Uni

Uni is a magical being from high dimensional world. Read the dairy and grow up with Uni.


Read moment stories that relate to you!

Uni World

Make friends with fun and amazing beings, Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Comedian Rara etc. who will join your chats from time to time.

Magic AI Friend Uni's world
Magic AI Friend Uni Mood Temperature

While chatting, Uni will feel your mood temperature. Keep record of your mood weather.


Find Me

Uni chatbot storyteller
doanload uni chatbot storyteller
iphone image for uni chatbot storyteller
stories by uni magic AI friend
Find Me


Uni Inc.

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